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  • About Plastiikkakirurgia

Plastiikkakirurgia focuses on surgical procedures related to the elimination of defects of the body or the whole body. Plastiikkakirurgia attracts a large number of people, because beauty is required in wide demand, professional level of plastic surgeons has grown significantly, and prices were much lower.

Plastic surgeons deal with the correction of the nose, ears, lips, chin, tightening the skin on the face, blepharoplasty, increase and decrease a woman’s breast and buttocks, rejuvenate the tissues of the hands, changing the shape of the labia.

Plastic surgery is divided into two types: cosmetic and reconstructive.

The first purpose is the improvement of appearance. Thus, due to these operations people can not only prolong the beauty and youthfulness of their skin, but also to avoid negative emotions and stress.

The second one is for removing skin blemishes and restore the natural functions of cells and tissues through the organization of plastic surgery. Such surgical operations are performed in people who have received injuries as a result of various injuries, diseases, or chronic diseases. After successful surgery, the person feels most comfortable, and his life changed radically.

Misinterprets plastic surgeons exclusively as doctors, after all, only a bare knowledge of professional terms, coupled with the ability filigree work scalpel this profession is not limited. For a plastic surgeon requires a high aesthetic component, the artist’s abilities and fine sense of the beautiful — no wonder "plastics" are called "elite surgery", because in addition to addressing medical problems that plastic surgeons are the creators of the beauty of human faces and bodies, increasing the patients their own self-esteem, allowing the proud footsteps to follow in life.

Classification of plastic surgeries use:

  • rhytidectomy;

  • facelift;


  • blepharoplasty;

  • rhinoplasty;

  • septoplasty;

  • otoplasty;

  • cheiloplasty;

  • hair transplantation;

  • mentoplasty;

  • mandibulectomy;

  • the mentoplasty;

  • alarplasty;

  • cervicoplasty;

  • mammoplasty;

  • abdominoplasty;

  • the what;

  • brachioplasty;

  • leg correction;

  • peacetime;

  • vaginal rejuvenation;

  • hymenoplasty;

  • vaginoplasty;

  • phalloplasty;

  • the plastic surgery of neck;

  • torsoplasty;

  • combined plastic surgery;

  • reconstructive plastic.

Recall that according to statistics, often undergo plastic surgery, make representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

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